Company profile

Company AEG was established in 2016 as a successor to a company with more than 10 years of experience in the field of installation and design of stationary fire extinguishers.

The basic idea and goal since the foundation of the company was to focus on providing its services to the fullest extent so that an increasing degree of interest in long-term cooperation was expressed by our partners. Also, based on these assumptions, the company has established over-the-counter business relationships with renowned multinational companies, in cooperation with our company can progress in the areas of qualification enhancement of its employees, who provide a high standard of service to existing and future customers. We provide our clients with comprehensive SHZ solutions from design solutions, project documentation, custom component manufacturing, installation, commissioning to warranty and post-warranty service.

The company puts the greatest emphasis on professional growth, skills development and employee knowledge. Only such constantly motivated staff can ensure that the company will be able to adapt to a rapidly changing market. The company 's goal is to build long - term, functional partnerships where the win - win strategy must be applyied and each of the cooperating parties will benefit from cooperation.

What we provide

  • authorized engineers for pressure and gas equipment

  • design and manufacture of metal components and equipment

  • German, English and Hungarian-speaking plumbers
  • lockers and plumbers for gas and water

  • design, implementation and servicing of SHZ
  • welders with an internationally valid certificate


  • German Welding License (GSI Hannover)
  • Slovak Welding License (VÚZ Bratislava)
  • Official permit for installation of stable fire extinguishing systems
  • TYCO Certificate - Sprinkler Installation (TYCO Wien)